Funrize Referral Bonus

Bonuses enhance the online gaming experience by offering players additional value and opportunities for fun. They attract new players and keep existing ones engaged. At Funrize Casino, the referral bonus stands out as an excellent way for players to earn rewards by inviting friends to join the platform.

Funrize Casino makes it easy for players to obtain the referral bonus. Players earn rewards simply by sharing their positive experiences with friends. When a friend signs up using the referral link and completes the verification process, the referring player receives a substantial number of in-game coins or other benefits.

This bonus allows players to increase their in-game resources without spending money and helps build a sense of community. The simplicity and value of the referral bonus make it a significant draw for both new and existing players, enhancing their overall gaming experience. By encouraging social interaction and rewarding players for their referrals, Funrize Casino effectively fosters a vibrant and engaging gaming environment.

Overview of the Referral Bonus

The referral bonus at Funrize Casino is a rewarding program that benefits both the referrer and the referred friend. This bonus is designed to enhance the gaming experience by providing significant in-game rewards without requiring additional monetary investment. By inviting friends to join Funrize Casino, players can earn substantial bonuses, fostering a sense of community and encouraging social interaction within the platform.

Bonus Amount and Type

The referral bonus at Funrize Casino is generous and easy to claim. Here are the details of the bonus:

For the Referrer:

  • 500,000 Coins: These coins can be used to enjoy various games on the platform, increasing your chances of winning and extending your playtime. Having a large number of coins allows you to explore different game options and potentially discover new favorites.
  • 2,000 Free Entries: These entries allow you to participate in more games and competitions without using your coins, enhancing your overall gaming experience. Free entries provide additional opportunities to win without depleting your coin balance.

For the Referred Friend:

  • 400,000 Coins: Upon joining, your friend receives these coins, enabling them to start their gaming journey with a significant boost. This initial coin grant helps new players get a head start, making their introduction to the casino more enjoyable.
  • 500 Free Entries: These entries give your friend additional opportunities to play and win, making their introduction to Funrize Casino even more exciting. With free entries, new players can experience the thrill of various games without immediately risking their coins.

To claim these rewards, players need to follow a straightforward process. First, invite your friend to join Funrize Casino by using a referral link, QR code, or promo code. Your friend must register through the provided link and make a qualifying purchase of Tournament Coin packages worth $19.99. Once these steps are completed, both you and your friend will receive the respective rewards. This process ensures that the referral system is easy to use and beneficial for both parties involved.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that the referral bonus is accessible and fair, Funrize Casino has set specific eligibility criteria:

Age Requirement: Players must be at least eighteen (18) years old. The platform does not collect or maintain information from individuals under the age of 18, ensuring a safe and compliant gaming environment. This age requirement is in place to comply with legal regulations and to provide a responsible gaming atmosphere.

Location: The referral bonus is available to players residing in the United States, excluding certain restricted states (Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Michigan). This restriction ensures compliance with local regulations and laws. By limiting the bonus to specific regions, Funrize Casino adheres to legal standards and provides a fair gaming experience.

Qualification Process:

  • The referred friend must join Funrize Casino using the referral link, QR code, or promo code provided by the referrer. This ensures that the referral is tracked accurately and that the correct players receive the rewards.
  • The referred friend must purchase Tournament Coin packages totaling $19.99 to qualify for the bonus. This purchase ensures that both the referrer and the referred friend are genuine participants interested in enjoying the platform’s offerings. The requirement for a qualifying purchase helps maintain the integrity of the referral program.

By meeting these criteria, players can take full advantage of the referral bonus at Funrize Casino. This program not only rewards players for inviting their friends but also enhances the overall gaming experience by providing additional resources and opportunities to enjoy the games on the platform. The referral bonus promotes a vibrant and engaging community, making Funrize Casino an exciting place to play and connect with others.

How to Claim the Referral Bonus

Claiming the referral bonus at Funrize Casino is a straightforward process that rewards both you and your friend. By following a few simple steps, you can both enjoy the benefits of this generous offer. Here is a detailed guide to help you claim the referral bonus efficiently and effectively.

Step-by-Step Guide

To claim the referral bonus at Funrize Casino, follow these steps:

  1. Invite Your Friend: Start by sharing your unique referral link, QR code, or promo code with your friend. You can send it directly through email, text, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you can earn.
  2. Friend Registers: Your friend needs to use the referral link, QR code, or promo code you provided to sign up on the Funrize Casino website. This step ensures that the referral is properly tracked and credited to your account.
  3. Complete Verification: During the registration process, your friend will be required to complete the verification process. This typically involves verifying their email address and providing some basic personal information to confirm their identity.
  4. Purchase Required Package: For the referral bonus to be activated, your friend must purchase Tournament Coin packages totaling $19.99. This purchase qualifies both of you for the bonus and demonstrates their genuine interest in participating in the casino’s offerings.
  5. Receive Rewards: Once your friend has registered, verified their account, and made the qualifying purchase, both of you will receive your respective rewards. You will be credited with 500,000 Coins and 2,000 Free Entries, while your friend will receive 400,000 Coins and 500 Free Entries. These rewards will be added to your accounts automatically.

Required Information

To ensure the referral bonus is successfully claimed, both you and your friend need to provide accurate and complete information during the registration and verification process. Here are the details required:

Personal Information:

  • Full Name: This helps verify your identity and ensures that the account is registered to a real person.
  • Email Address: Used for account verification and future communications. Make sure the email address provided is valid and accessible.
  • Date of Birth: Players must be at least eighteen (18) years old to participate. This information is crucial to confirm age eligibility.

Verification Documents:

  • Valid ID: A driver’s license, passport, or any government-issued ID may be required to verify your identity and age. This step is necessary to comply with legal regulations and to maintain a secure gaming environment.

Purchase Details:

  • Tournament Coin Packages: Your friend must purchase Tournament Coin packages worth $19.99 in total. This purchase is essential to qualify for the referral bonus. Ensure that the purchase is made using the referral link or code to correctly track and apply the bonus.

By following these steps and providing the necessary information, you can easily claim the referral bonus at Funrize Casino. This process not only rewards you and your friend but also enhances your overall gaming experience by providing additional resources and opportunities to enjoy the platform. The referral bonus is a great way to engage with the community, share the fun, and reap the benefits together.

Game Restrictions

When using the referral bonus at Funrize Casino, it’s important to know which games you can use the bonus on and which games are excluded. Understanding these restrictions helps you make the most of your bonus and enjoy your gaming experience fully. The great news is that the bonus has no time limit, so you can use it whenever you like.

Eligible and Ineligible Games

To maximize your bonus benefits, it’s essential to know where you can use your bonus.

Eligible Games:

  • Slot Games: Most slot games on Funrize Casino accept the referral bonus, allowing you to try out various titles and potentially find new favorites.
  • Table Games: Certain table games, such as blackjack and roulette, may also allow the use of the referral bonus, giving you more options to enjoy your bonus rewards.

Ineligible Games:

  • Live Dealer Games: Typically, these games do not accept the referral bonus because they involve real-time interaction and different wagering rules.
  • Exclusive or Special Events: Special tournaments or exclusive events might have specific rules that restrict the use of the referral bonus.

To use your bonus, switch to the Super Coins mode to reveal your Super Coins. You can then choose which games you would like to play, providing flexibility in how you use your bonus.

Bonus Validity and Redemption

The referral bonus at Funrize Casino is designed with user convenience in mind, having no expiration date. This means you can take your time to decide how and when to use your bonus. After revealing your bonus, you can use your winnings to buy more Gold and Super Coins or redeem them for cash. Here’s how you can redeem your winnings:

  • Minimum Redemption Amounts: The minimum redemption amount is $25.00 for gift cards and $100.00 for bank accounts.
  • Account Verification: Redemption is only available for players who have verified their account with at least one purchase. This verification step ensures a secure and fair gaming environment.

To redeem, simply click the “Redeem” button on the menu. This user-friendly process makes it easy to convert your winnings into rewards you can use outside the casino.

By understanding these game restrictions and guidelines, you can make the most out of your referral bonus at Funrize Casino. This enhances your overall gaming experience by providing additional resources and opportunities to enjoy the platform, making it a rewarding and enjoyable place to play.

Tips and Strategies

To make the most of your referral bonus at Funrize Casino, it’s essential to have a plan. Here are some practical tips and strategies to help you maximize your bonus, select the best games, and manage your bankroll effectively. By following these guidelines, you can enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning.

  • Set a Budget: Decide how much you are willing to spend before you start playing. Stick to this budget to avoid overspending.
  • Divide Your Bonus: Instead of using your entire bonus on one game, spread it across several games. This strategy allows you to explore different games and increases your chances of winning.
  • Monitor Your Spending: Keep track of how much you spend and win. This helps you stay within your budget and make informed decisions about when to stop playing.

Best Games to Play

Choosing the right games can significantly enhance your chances of making the most out of your referral bonus. Here are some specific games that are ideal for using your bonus, based on their features and player popularity.

Slot Games:

  • Wild Buffalo: Known for its high RTP and exciting features, this game offers a good chance of winning and keeps the gameplay thrilling.
  • Cactus Riches: With engaging graphics and rewarding bonus rounds, this slot game is a favorite among players.

Jackpot Games:

  • Diamont Shot: This game provides opportunities for big wins with its progressive jackpot, making it an excellent choice for players looking to hit it big.
  • Red Hot Chili 7s: Offering both regular and jackpot wins, this game keeps the excitement high with every spin.

Fishing Games:

  • Thunder Fishing: A unique game that combines skill and luck, providing a different kind of entertainment and the chance for significant rewards.
  • Fishing Kingdom: Another fishing-themed game that offers engaging gameplay and substantial winning opportunities.

Hold’n’Link Games:

  • Rapid Link: This game combines traditional slot mechanics with interactive bonus features, offering more ways to win and keep players engaged.

Top Picks:

  • Luck Of Tiger: A popular game with a good balance of risk and reward, making it a great choice for using your bonus.
  • Big Catch Bonanza: Known for its enjoyable gameplay and generous bonus features, this game is a top pick among players.

By selecting these games and following the suggested strategies, you can maximize your referral bonus and enjoy a rewarding gaming experience at Funrize Casino.


Is there a time limit to use the referral bonus at Funrize Casino?

No, the referral bonus at Funrize Casino has no expiration date. You can use it whenever you choose, providing flexibility and convenience in how you enjoy your gaming experience.

What are the rewards for the Funrize Casino referral bonus?

The referral bonus includes 500,000 Coins and 2,000 Free Entries for the referrer, and 400,000 Coins and 500 Free Entries for the referred friend. These rewards enhance your gaming experience by providing additional resources and opportunities to play.

Are there any restrictions on using the referral bonus?

Yes, the referral bonus can be used on most slot games and certain table games like blackjack and roulette. However, it is not applicable to live dealer games or special events. Make sure to check which games are eligible.


The referral bonus at Funrize Casino significantly enhances the gaming experience by offering substantial rewards to both the referrer and the referred friend. By inviting friends to join, players can earn a generous number of in-game coins and free entries, boosting their resources without additional costs. The process is straightforward: share your referral link, QR code, or promo code, have your friend sign up, verify their account, and make a qualifying purchase. Both parties then receive their respective rewards, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Overall, the referral bonus is notable for its simplicity and accessibility. It is available to players who meet age and location requirements and can be used on a wide range of games. This bonus not only rewards players but also encourages social interaction and community growth. Make sure to follow the guidelines to maximize the benefits of this offer and enjoy a more rewarding gaming experience at Funrize Casino.